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What Is a Class A, B, C, Travel Trailer, Pop Up or Toy Hauler

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Class A Motor Home
The Class A motor home is rectangular in appearance and looks like a bus, usually 30 to 40 feet long. Amenities usually include a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitche,n and dining area. The driver and passenger seats often swivel around and become part of the living room furniture when the vehicle is parked. Newer models offer from one to four slides which provides additional living space when parked. The Class As handle like a car and specialized driving skills are usually not required. Many drivers tow a car behind the larger Class 's for local transportation. Click here for a picture of a Class A RV.

Luxury Coaches and Bus Conversions
Also included in the "A" class are the luxury coaches and bus conversions. Luxury coaches are high-end models which offer much more plush and elaborate amenities than your average motor home. Bus conversions are luxury recreational vehicles built into a bus shell. Click here for picture of a luxury RV.

Class B Motor Home
The Class B motor home, most often referred to as a campervan, and resembles a regular van with a raised roof. These vehicles are as easy to drive and park as a regular full-sized van and can be parked anywhere. Class Bs usually have some amenities of a class C motor home as well as limited sleeping and storage space. Click here for a picture of a Class B motor home.

Class C Motor Home
The Class C motor home is an RV unit built onto a truck chassis. Most Class Cs offer the same amenities as the Class A's but on a smaller and more compact scale. The living area is often raised and the driver steps down into the cab to operate the vehicle. Class Cs are usually equipped with a sleeping area above the cab and a bedroom in the rear of the vehicle. The Cs will actually sleep more passengers than the A's and are the ideal RV for the family vacation or camping trip. There are many Class 's equipped with slide-outs to extend the living area. Click here for a picture of a Class C.

Travel Trailer
The Travel Trailer is a vehicle that must be towed by a pickup, car, or van using a bumper or frame hitch. These RV's are best suited to being parked for several days and the tow vehicle used for local trips. Travel trailers come in many different sizes and shapes, many are equipped with slide-outs, and the amenities range from minimal to opulent. Click here for a picture of a Travel Trailer

5th Wheel
A 5th Wheel is a bi-level trailer that is towed by a special hitch (which resembles a "5th wheel") in the bed of a pickup truck. The special hitch makes this trailer easier to tow because it places the load in the center of the tow vehicle instead of behind it. The area that extends over the bed of the truck is also the bedroom in most 5th wheels. Many 5th wheels also feature slide-outs to provide a more spacious living area. Click here for a 5th wheel picture.

Pop-Up or Folding Tent Trailer
A Pop-Up or Folding Tent Trailer is the most economical recreational vehicle. They are inexpensive and lightweight. Most folding tent trailers can be towed by a standard-sized car. As this RV is equipped with collapsible sides, it takes up very little space when not in use. The amenities in a Pop-Up usually include a refrigerator, stove, sink, convertible beds, a portable toilet, water tank, propane supply, and a 100-125 volt electrical system.Click for a picture of a Pop-Up.

Toy Hauler
The Toy Hauler is a trailer, 5th wheel, or motor home with interior cargo space for bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, and other similar items for a picture of a Toy Hauler.


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